Sep 15, 2010


my body has been experiencing some pain lately, and i don't know if it's going to develop into something bigger
i hope not hahaha
found out my foot got blisters on blisters, really painful
and then the left side of my butt has some pain when i am jumping
i don't feel that when i am into practice because i am too concentrated
but as soon as i cool down it hurts
might just be that i need more rest, but i hope it's not going to be a big deal

big game tomorrow! gotta really try to win it!

Sep 12, 2010

Volleyball competition on friday

I was suppose to enter this as soon as possible but... the heavy fall i got made me really sleepy for two days

so on Friday we had several games here in our school gym
we played with some strong teams. two of them are regional selected, and one is Santa Cruz, who use to be a much better team compare to now.

we got beat, some sets badly, some sets we got close. however the reason why we're not able to win a lot of games is because we are not stable. and myself is a big problem for the team when i am in my low performance. i kept on swinging my arms while blocking, and was never able to get there on time. i tried to watch the hitter instead of the ball but it was still kind of hard. however, though it took me awhile to get out of the situation but i still did, i am scared that it will happen again, and next time it might be in a more important tournament, like isac.

i think the biggest problem for me is i get nervous, and once i get nervous i stop thinking. i have to get out of the current mindset and be more calm in the game.
and better team communication would certainly help because that collision with william didn't help me at all

Sep 8, 2010

A practice without Coach

today was quite surprising because I went to practice hearing that Mr. T is ill
then i get worried about if we are going to have practice or not. and if we do, how?
my worries did not come from out of no where
our team is quite talented, but we tend to lose control when our coach is not around.
he seem to be the only one who is able to... control the wild animals hahaha

however, today's practice went really smooth. as a team we went through all the drills that were given to David, and in the 6 on 6 game, we talked to each other about how to play better. though it is different when a coach is watching you and telling you how to play, we still execute quite a few plays today. and it was really fun.

Sep 6, 2010

Late Volleyball struggle

I've not been hitting/blocking/receiving the ball the way I expect myself to do lately ...
I don't know what is happening, when i am doing spiking practice it goes well, but when it comes time to execute the play i am always either doing the wrong timing or jumping from the wrong spot.
I've been trying to relax during a play but ...   though I feel like I am relaxed, I still gets paranoid.

actually my hitting power and jumping height is not bad. when i can do the skill properly, it turns out pretty well. however, I want just more than once in a while good plays. I know if i can be consistant, I can help the team more on it's offense, and if I block more consistantly, i can do more on defence.

someone told me I might just be in a slump... and this is all mental, but I am really confused right now on how do I get out of this mindset/slump.

Aug 26, 2010

Volleyball Game

We played a local team from outside base today who came to have a friendly match with us.
they can really hit, and some of them really strong hits, but I felt as though it can be blocked, it's just the timing and we need to get close with the other blocker.

The team is trying out new players almost every set and because of that it can get quite chaotic because people on the court are lost. Thankfully the experienced players were helping out those who are on the court and though we lost we still had good experience and found out what we need to work on more.

As of myself, my timing for hits and the problem of me always under the ball is still quite significant in today's game. it doesn't happen during spiking practice so i think i will just have to relax and not think about this is a game. it doesn't mean not taking the game seriously, just be playful and enjoy the game as i play.

Aug 24, 2010

So the first article on CAS, not so positive

Gah today was so annoying.
I wasn't feeling comfortable but that wasn't really the excuse because i played horrible,
i have to work on taking care of my own health and if i am not feeling well, still do my best
i didn't today.

p.s. I am not sure if writing about me not working my best on the blog is a good thing, since my CAS advisor is also my coach...